We value the diversity within our team that has brought success to our work.

Our work is founded on respect between, and the fair treatment of, those involved in our projects, whether they are staff, committee, students, volunteers or our community.

Our Team

A former founding trustee, Robyn is ACES's first employee. Mwanarusi and Kassim are employed directly through the communities at the heart of the projects.

Robyn Shilland

Robyn leads on our development, project management, and client and donor relations as Director. She has worked with us and our partners for 10 years, previously as a board member.

Mwanarusi Mwafrica

Vanga Blue forest Project Coordinator
Mwanarusi manages and coordinates all activities on the ground in Kenya to support the community, volunteers, and project implementation.

Kassim Juma

Mikoko Pamoja Project Coordinator
Kassim was born in Gazi and studied coastal and marine resource management, before returning to work for the Mikoko Pamoja project.

Amber Baker

Project Officer
Amber is responsible for supporting the delivery of a Kenyan seagrass project and a Gambian community-led mangrove restoration project.

The Board of Trustees

In addition to Robyn, ACES's founding trustees are Mark, Lucas, and Martin.

Mark Huxham

Lucas Ruzo

Martin Skov

Anita Ogilvie

Imi Dencer-Brown

Mark Beeston


Collaboration is key for a lot of our work. We are thankful to our partners and the communities that have supported and worked with ACES.