Carbon credits (offsets) from our projects are available to purchase directly through ACES

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, we can help you offset your emissions.

Our offsets are generated through our two, Plan Vivo certified projects:
Mikoko Pamoja and Vanga Blue Forest.
These projects support Nature-based Solutions, meaning that our offsets signify carbon captured and stored (sequestered) through natural processes. Specifically, this is the conservation of the blue carbon ecosystems: mangrove forests and seagrass meadows.

Looking to donate instead?

Rather than compensate for emissions related to activities, if you simply want to support our work and these projects please donate.

How to offset with ACES

We live in a carbon-based economy, so the majority of our actions result in the release of emissions.
The activities, and reasons, why individuals and organisations offset vary.

To understand how much to offset the first step is to outline the key activities you want to compensate for.

Activities can include:
– Fuel consumption (e.g. car mileage)
– Energy consumption (gas, electricity consumption over a defined period)
– Travel (e.g. Flights, Train, etc)
– Purchased materials (embedded carbon)

Emissions for individuals or small businesses (SMEs) can be calculated from apps or online calculators.

– App for individuals (

– Online calculator for SMEs (

For larger organisations, the current best practice is to follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology (

Total amounts of emissions are generally expressed as metric tonnes of Carbon equivalents (tCO2e). This unit encompasses the six greenhouse gases included in the Kyoto Protocol.
Individual totals may be expressed in kg!

Many organisations let you buy credits online – so why don’t we?

For us, carbon offsetting is a two-way process. Greenwashing is hugely present, and the voluntary carbon market is no stranger to controversy. We offer real, change-making, ethical projects and we want to support those doing the same.
Moreover, by communicating directly with us you can ensure that your contributions will make a real difference while getting the best deal.

Please get in touch, and let us know how many credits you would like to purchase, or the amount of emissions you want to compensate for. We would always love to hear a little about who you are and why you’re offsetting. We want a connection, not just a sale.

Watch this video to learn more about how carbon credits can support local communities

ACES' position on offsetting

We believe that carbon offsetting can be an ethical and responsible part of the global effort to fight climate change, and that offsetting projects can be conducted with robust ethical, scientific and social standards.

The key is to reduce emissions where possible.
This means continual effort, measurements, and offsetting. We understand that offsetting is only one step in the global strategy on climate change. Therefore, we have developed the ‘3 Ps of the Climate Crisis’ to communicate our stance on where offsetting sits in a wider global strategy on climate change.

Why offset with ACES?

A triple win

Offsetting with ACES is a triple win – you’re not only helping the climate but conserving biodiversity and supporting local livelihoods. Your money is spent on mangrove protection and restoration. The community uses the income on community projects including the building of wells, school books, and community groups including children’s football clubs.

Supporting the community has social and economic benefits, it also reduces the pressure on the mangroves – a prosperous community means less pressure to cut the mangroves for sustenance.

Projects with community at heart

We are exploring how we can work with local fishing groups to protect seagrass, another important carbon store, and important marine habitat.

Other projects are developed in collaboration with local organisations and stakeholders, ensuring that they are developed with their needs at heart. Your money goes towards developing these projects.

We are researching how fuel-efficient cookstoves can be used to reduce the volume of wood needed for cooking as well as improve air quality in homes, and how these can be implemented as a community enterprise.

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote on our carbon credits to offset!

By connecting with us directly you can be assured that you are truly supporting projects and communities that are making a difference, rather than simply ticking a box!