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Cover page for the Best Practice Guidelines for Mangrove Restoration - a bird sitting in a mangrove tree

Best Practice Guidelines for Mangrove Restoration

Alongside an international consortium of authors led by the Global Mangrove Alliance, ACES board members Mark Beeston and Mark Huxham have contributed to this guide to best practice in mangrove restoration. 

This is a free resource for anyone looking to restore mangrove forests, anywhere in the world.

The guide covers a range of topics including goal setting and feasibility assessment, project design, engagement and implementation and monitoring and evaluation. This guidance can be used by project developers, community groups and anyone else implementing mangrove restoration worldwide.

'Holdfast' Outputs for the Scottish Blue Carbon Forum's International Policy Challenge

The ‘Holdfast’ project was a partnership with the Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services, Edinburgh Napier University, Project Seagrass, Vanga Blue Forest and the Mangrove Action Project. Three guides were produced, two with French translations, in addition to a video on blue carbon community projects and the Swahili translation of the SeagrassSpotter app.

This policy brief provides an introduction blue carbon ecosystems. Their protection and enhancement offer opportunities to mitigate climate change while also providing a wide range of other benefits.

This guide provides an introductory overview of the processes that will need to be followed to establish a community-led blue carbon project, with Scottish and international examples.

This guide provides an introductory overview of the science of blue carbon, explains the different types of possible investments (e.g. offsetting), and key risks investors should be aware of.

A community guide for protecting segrass

Alongside United Nations Environment Programme, Edinburgh Napier University, and Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), our team has developed the Community Guide to Protecting Seagrass Through Payments for Ecosystem Services.

This is a free resource for community groups around the world looking to protect or restore seagrass.

The guide discusses how Payments for Ecosystem Services can facilitate conservation. The guidance can be more widely applicable to community-based conservation projects.