Our projects enable the conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems, notably mangroves and seagrass by supporting the local communities.

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Mikoko Pamoja

The world’s first community-led mangrove conservation project to be funded by carbon credits. This project provides a ‘triple win’ for the community of Gazi Bay in southern Kenya: fighting climate change, conserving biodiversity, and improving the livelihood of the community.

Vanga Blue Forest

Our second project was launched in 2019 after Mikoko Pamoja’s success. This mangrove conservation project will help support community development projects and improve the livelihoods of 9,000 people in three villages: Vanga, Jimbo, and Kiwegu, located on the Kenya-Tanzania border.

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Our projects are certified by Plan Vivo!

Plan Vivo is a Scottish-based charity founded in 1997. A pioneer in the voluntary carbon market, Plan Vivo created the world’s first voluntary carbon credits. The quality of our projects, and offsets, is assured by meeting the requirements of the Plan Vivo Standard.

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