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Ocean Bottle: Supporting blue carbon beyond offsetting

This blog was written in collaboration with Ocean Bottle, who have supported ACES’ projects for several years as part of their commitment to improving the health of the ocean and our planet. This blog was written as part of our ‘financing blue carbon ethically, responsibly and effectively’ series and explores different approaches to compensating for […]

Philanthropy and climate change: A conversation with Impatience Earth

Impatience Earth is a pro-bono climate philanthropy consultancy that educates, challenges and inspires wealth holders to take bolder funding decisions to address the climate emergency.

We interviewed Yasmin Ahammad, the Co-Managing Director of Impatience Earth to gather her insights on climate philanthropy and understand what influences donors when they are considering which projects to fund.

Carbon offsetting: Is it greenwashing?

Part of 2023 blog series: Financing Blue Carbon Ethically, Responsibly, and Effectively Pressure is growing on businesses to show their environmental credentials, and as part of that, tackle their carbon emissions. Claims of ‘carbon neutral’, ‘net zero’ and even ‘climate positive’ are being used more and more by businesses keen to play their role in […]

Not all offsets are created equal

Not all offsets are created equal: what are “high quality carbon offsets”? Our clients sometimes ask us what the difference is between carbon credits that they can buy for $5 a tonne, and those that cost $10, $50 or even more per tonne. Why pay more for the same outcome – a tonne of carbon […]

Carbon terminology

The carbon world is full of jargon, acronyms, terms used interchangeably or even differently depending on who is using them! Here are some terms with their definitions as we use them. Adaptation: Actions that contribution to the adaptation to climate change and its impacts. These an be social, environmental or economic in nature. Additionality: Additionality […]

Financing Blue Carbon Ethically, Responsibly and Effectively: Blog Series

Financing Blue Carbon Ethically, Responsibly, and Effectively:ACES Blog Series In the last 10 years or so, mangrove forests have undergone a reputational shift that any PR agency would be proud of. Once dismissed as malaria-ridden swamps, mangroves are now recognised as the coastal superheroes that they really are. Seagrass meadows are also increasingly recognised for […]

Ethical offsetting in the journey to a zero-carbon world

The ethics of carbon offsetting have become among the most contentious of any climate action strategy. Critics argue that the option to offset perpetuates unsustainable lifestyles and -facilitates greenwashing, giving carbon buyers a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to tackling their emissions; proponents argue that it can be used responsibly alongside reductions to reach net-zero. […]

Scaling community-led conservation to national climate action

Our Mikoko Pamoja and Vanga Blue Forest projects have delivered climate, biodiversity and community benefits to two coastal communities on the Kenyan coast. They have demonstrated at a small, ’boutique’ scale how climate action can not only tackle the threat of the climate emergency, but how it can do so whilst delivering benefits to local […]

It Takes a Village: ACES and University of Malaya webinar on community-led blue carbon conservation

We’re often asked how the Mikoko Pamoja and Vanga Blue Forest projects were set up, and what the key is to their success. We were therefore delighted this month to partner with the University of Malaya in Malaysia to lead a webinar on the value of blue carbon to communities and the global climate, and […]