The Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services

A Scottish based charity that enables and supports community-led conservation projects.

Our mission is to facilitate environmental protection through the conservation of coastal ecosystems, to relieve poverty and improve the conditions of life in local communities and by advancing the science on these understudied ecosystems.

Our projects are supported through Payments for Ecosystem Services, such as carbon credits, or offsets. Ecosystem services are the goods and benefits that natural systems provide to people, such as capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere, however our project offer additional benefits, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Offsets from these projects can be bought through us and are Plan Vivo certified, meeting high standards and assuring their quality.

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By connecting with us directly you can be assured that you are truly supporting projects and communities that are making a difference, rather than simply ticking a box!

How carbon offsets support communities in Gazi Bay, Kenya.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our work and projects actively contribute to 10 out of the 17 UN SDGs

If you like what we do and want to support our work please consider donating.

Donations allow us to continue our work with local communities, to send as high a proportion of carbon income as possible to local groups, and to expand our projects and their benefits to local people.

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ACES is a Scottish-registered charity and so makes no profit. Donations help us add value to our projects by supporting the UN SDG’s for example through funding period poverty work in the local communities.

Community Project Highlights

Village Water

During a community Bazara, locals decided to prioritise the extension of community water projects in both local villages involved in Mikoko Pamoja.


A youth group decided to spend revenue earned through Mikoko Pamoja on creating a permaculture project to create a source of sustainable food within Makongeni Village.


A recent trial purchased several wood stoves to reduce the amount of wood needed for cooking, and in turn reduce the amount of mangroves trees used in this process.

Football Teams

The community project leaders decided that they would invest in creating football teams in each village and provide physical education for all children through funds earned by Mikoko Pamoja.


Both communities recently decided to buy new roofing for their primary schools to support kids and teachers in creating a welcoming and enjoyable local learning environment.

Surveillance Tower

The community recently built a watch tower to improve monitoring of the mangrove reserve and enforce its protection.

ACES welcomes expressions of interest from community groups interested in conserving coastal habitats.

We have a small but growing capacity and are open to collaborations with new community groups. Our current projects and expertise are in East Africa, although we welcome interest from communities worldwide.
Our vision is to extend this work towards other developing countries and communities throughout tropical and subtropical areas.