Why offset with ACES?

Offsetting with ACES is a triple win – you’re not only helping the climate, but conserving biodiversity and supporting local livelihoods. Your money is spent on mangrove protection and restoration and community projects including the building of wells, school books and community groups including children’s football clubs. Supporting the community in this way not only has social and economic benefits, but reduces the pressure on the mangroves – a prosperous community means less pressure to cut the mangroves for sustenance.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve what we do. We are exploring how we can work with local fishing groups to protect seagrass, another important carbon store and important marine habitat. We’re researching how fuel-efficient cookstoves can be used to reduce the volume of wood needed for cooking as well as improve air quality in homes, and how these can be implemented as a community enterprise. These and other projects are developed in collaboration with local organisations and stakeholders, ensuring that they are developed with their needs at heart. Your money goes towards developing these projects.

Finally, offsetting with us means that you’re supporting internationally-commended projects. The Mikoko Pamoja project was honoured and delighted to receive the UN Equator Initiative Prize in 2017 for community solutions to climate change!

Why can’t I offset online?

Many carbon offsetting organisations let you buy credits online – so why don’t we?

We care deeply about what we do and we want to do it well. Carbon offsetting is a two-way process – we want ethical custom to support our projects, and you want confidence that we’re spending your money well. We like to get to know our clients and ensure that we’re providing them with the assurance that their contributions will make a real difference. We want to work with environmentally, socially and ethically-driven buyers, not big polluters whose offsetting simply ticks a box. And of course, we want to get the best deal for both our clients and our projects.

How to offset with us

Get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote, letting us know how many credits you would like – and if you want to  share, we would always love to hear a little about who you are and why you’re offsetting. We want a connection, not just a sale.