We’re looking forward to welcoming Vanga, a second mangrove conservation project which will be launched in 2019. The site is south of our current project, Mikoko Pamoja, in the southeast of Kenya.

After seeing the success that Mikoko Pamoja has had over the years in environmental protection and community development through conserving their mangroves, the Vanga community approached the Mikoko Pamoja team about following the same model. We’ll be helping the Vanga team to fund their work through sale of carbon credits, the funds from which help towards both protecting the precious mangrove forests as well as providing social and economic benefits to the community such as school materials and village infrastructure.

Vanga will mean a huge expansion for us in terms of area and funding, being three times the size of the current Mikoko Pamoja site. We are incredibly grateful to have been awarded support from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for the costs of establishing the site, and look forward to expanding our sales of carbon credits which will contribute to the ongoing funding.

We are delighted to see that the successes of Mikoko Pamoja are being recognised both internationally and locally, and that it is influential in encouraging others to protect their mangrove forests.