This is the first community run project of its kind in Africa, ‘Mikoko Pamoja’ meaning ‘Mangroves Together’ in Kiswahili, aims to preserve mangrove forests for local community benefit. The project will generate and sell carbon credits to companies and individuals who would like to improve their green credentials.

The revenue raised form this will be held in and community benefit fund and managed by the Mikoko Pamoja steering group. This group is headed up by local representatives, and the money raised with be spent on communal community projects. The rest of the money generated will go towards employing a project coordinator and local labourers to help protect near-by mangroves and re-plant lost trees along Gazi’s coastline.

All the carbon credits currently available for trade have been generated from the Mikoko Pamoja project in Kenya.

Read our Social survey report highlighting the outcomes of the 2016 social survey carried out by the Mikoko Pamoja team. This survey aimed to monitor and evaluate the performance of Mikoko Pamoja, assess its impacts and identify potential gaps in the project.

Key findings include:

  1. Community engagement in benefit sharing, transparency and awareness creation are vital for the success of a project.
  2. The project needs to engage more community members in project activities preferably one person from each household. There should be willingness from the community on the other hand to create time to engage in project activities
  3. An economic survey should be carried out to find out the main source of firewood. This will prevent leakage from the mangroves to the terrestrial forest adjacent to the communities due to restrictions in assessing the mangrove areas.